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Simple OKR is the dynamic dashboard that uses Objective & Key Results so your team remains focused and inspired to accomplish measurable goals.

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Focus. Transparency. Motivation.

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Is your team having trouble staying focused on working towards goals?

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Then Simple OKR is exactly what your organization need.

The Simple Way to Set, Manage and
Track Important Goals

We have developed the most efficient tool that helps your team set and track measurable goals that drive the performance of your business.

Using the proven method of Objective & Key Results, Simple OKR keeps all members of your team engaged and inspired, as they are able to view, track and contribute to the key objectives.

From the top executives to individual contributors, Simple OKR unites your team to create a seamless workflow that builds a culture of support, inspiration and success across all personnel.

Objectives & Key Results

The driving force behind business success.

One of the most popular leadership techniques used by the most powerful CEOs around the world, the OKR process is all about identifying, sharing and tracking the most important quarterly goals in your organization.

Simple OKR is a unified platform that all your team members access, allowing them to understand the prioritized goals of your business, their expected contribution at work and the progress being made to achieve them.

By setting between three and five high-level objectives that are key to the overall success of your business, you engage every member of your team and inspire them to deliver their needed contributions to make those goals possible.

Are you new to OKRs? Don't worry, we got you. We prepared a short OKR guide to help you get started.

Why Your Organization Needs Simple OKR

Unlike traditional workflow management software, Simple OKR does not simply assign work to team members. It uses the proven management technique of OKR goal-setting to optimize motivation, engagement and more!

Create transparency

By setting objectives that everybody is able to see, you let your team know the direction that the business is headed and the important steps that will take it there.

Simple OKR allows team members to view ALL priorities, from the highest executives all the way down to the newest intern.

This creates the transparency and accountability needed to get the most out of every employee on a daily basis.

Optimize focus

When your team members don’t know what is important to the business, they may let personal beliefs get in the way of the company goals.

By clearly defining important goals and expectations to be accomplished by the business each quarter, your team know where the focus lies.

The delivery cycles and performance monitoring ensure that everybody is on top of their tasks, unifying each individual towards the team goal.

Measure. Learn. Improve.

Simple OKR uses metric-based goal tracking to measure the progression of each goal.

With company-wide status updates that keep all team members informed and updated as to what’s working well and what needs to be changed, you make the necessary adjustments that help you achieve goals, faster.

Custom Integrations

When you use Simple OKR, you also receive access to the developer API, so that you can incorporate our software into a wide range of custom integrations.

Whether you want to add it to existing workflow software or add new functions specific to your business, we offer you all the tools needed to make it happen.

Simple Pricing

We are all about keeping things simple, yet effective. That is why we offer one simple price plan with no-strings-attached.

Access the full Simple OKR platform for just $99.99 per month, allowing your entire organization to access the software whenever, wherever they need to.

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