Tadas Vilkeliskis


Me in my apartment posing in front of my computer.

This page is here for you to learn more about me.



I was born and raised in Lithuania. I left for US when I was around 20 or 21. This makes me more or less a true Lithuanian. I can still speak the language; however, I haven't been following anything that's been going on there since I moved here. My home is where I am.

My favorite Lithuanian dish is Cepelinai. It's like a large dumpling made from potatoes and stuffed with ground meat, topped with sour cream and bacon. I could eat this dish every single day.

I don't like VCs

I think VCs are pure evil in most cases. I believe they destroy companies and jobs to only make the select few rich. Even then, not always. Everyone who works for a VC backed company should understand that most likely your (employee) goals and company's goals are not aligned. Average tenure is 2 years at a VC backed startup. That's not enough to grow your skill or get enough depth into anything you do. Jumping from job to job is OK if that's what you want, but it only gives you breadth of skills.

I appreciate every VC backed company I worked for, and any future ones I will work for. The reality is you need to pay bills and support your family.

This is the difference between the reality and my ideology.