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Moved to North Carolina

After almost a decade in New York City I moved to North Carolina. This is something my wife wanted to do for quite some time in order to escape the chaos of the city. We finally dit it.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to explore the new place safely due to the ongoing pandemic, but there are much more green spaces, trails and bike greenways that one can use to not feel trapped at home.

Reworking UI and UX for Simple OKR

I've been slowly rebuilding UI and improving UX for my OKR management product.

I'm switching everything to Fluent UI so it will look very Microsofty but I'm hoping it will free me up from thinking on how to improve the look and feel of the app.


I'm exercising, or at least I'm trying to get back into exercising. I got really fat.

The lockdowns really messed everything up. The gyms are closed, workout equipment, such as weights, are also difficult to come by, unless you want to pay 4x premium.

I have a 35lb kettlebell and a pair of Olympic dumbbells that I use for weight training together with body weight exercises. I'm learning how to properly use kettlebell from the "kettlebell" guy Pavel Tsatsouline. There's a great video on Amazon called "Enter the Kettlebell" which I'd recommend to see.

I also have a pair of CoC grippers. I really like these and I just squeeze them several times through out the day.

Last updated July 23, 2020

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