Tue, 21 July 2020

Why linenoise?

What is writing about? Why do people share things online and blog? It is much easier to answer this question when one has picked a theme they want to write about. If you would like to focus on technology and gadgets, then it's easy to say that you're writing because you want to discover and share interesting things about the latest technology. That could be one example.

For me it's a bit different. I don't really have a clear theme, goal, or topics that I want to explore. I think personal blogs should not have themes at all. Themes are great to focus your efforts in order to produce quality blogs that cover certain topics, but at the same time they limit you and your ability to express whatever is on your mind. The freedom to express yourself is essential to creating a long lasting personal blog. The ideas, beliefs, interests and many other things change over time which also means that the theme of your blog should also evolve.

OK, so what and why linenoise? This is going to be my 3rd (?) attempt at a personal blog. I don't want to pick a specific theme or topic. Previously I tried focusing on tech and engineering. This time I'm planning to write about whatever I find interesting without being bound to any topics or themes. This is why I picked linenoise as the name for my blog. The name is inspired by The Jargon File:

[techspeak] Spurious characters due to electrical noise in a communications link, especially an RS-232 serial connection. Line noise may be induced by poor connections, interference or crosstalk from other circuits, electrical storms, cosmic rays, or (notionally) birds crapping on the phone wires.

It represents randomness, uncertainty and is a bit nerdy. These are all the things I like and I think will fit perfectly this blog. There most likely will never be comments on this site, but I will always welcome people reaching out to me via email.


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