tadasv site

I wrote a custom static site builder for my website

After I decided to get back into blogging and hosting my own site I started looking for the right approach and tools for creating my site and blog.

Instead of picking up an existing blogging platform (such as Wordpress) or some static site generated (e.g. Hugo) I decided to roll my own tool for building this site. Some people probably think that I’m crazy for doing that, but I think it’s the right choice; at least for now. Here’s why.

There’s a steep learning curve to any new platform that you want to start using. I’m not proficient in Wordpress, plus it adds more complexity to hosting (I need a DB). Same holds true for static site generators. I previously used Hugo, it’s great, but again there’s a learning curve and I need to adapt myself to their approach of doing things.

I decided to roll my own solution. I wrote a simple static site generator in Go (as of this writing it’s implemented in under 200 LOC). I take markdown files, convert them to html and produce this site. It’s really simple. The nicest thing is that I have full control over all aspects of site generation. I don’t need to learn how to use some existing tools, I already know Go and that’s all I need. We’ll see if I’m going to regret this approach or not, but so far it seem much superior to anything I used before due to its simplicity and flexibility.