tadasv site


Hi! I am Tadas Vilkeliskis and this is my small space on the Internet. Here you can find my blog, some projects I currently work on, and a little bit of information about me.


My name is Tadas Vilkeliskis. I like building stuff. I’m kinda technical but not too technical (aka nerd), but you probably could call me a geek to some extent.

I make a living from software engineering and I worked at several tech companies in New York City. Originally from Lithuania; I moved to the States in ~2008. Most of my time here I lived in New York City; I’m currently living in North Carolina with my wife and dog.

This site

This website is primarily my blog, but also a place to share other stuff with the world. I don’t have any presence anywhere else (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) because I decided to own as much of my online presence as possible; which is not really possible on major platforms. (01/09/2021 edit: no longer true, I stream programming videos on YT). Also, the Internet was meant to be this way–dorky, unstructured and different. I really miss the web/blogosphere from 2000s.

The site is 100% static and has very minimalistic design. It’s deployed onto Google Cloud Run and runs nginx that serves static files. The site is generated with a custom site builder I wrote in Go and a Makefile.


There’s no contact form on this website. If you want to chat about anything, you can send a hello email to my first name at this domain.


Sometimes you can catch me on Freenode IRC servers. My nickname is vptr.