Building Bluebook

  • 2017-03-26

I like creating software. At any given point in time I will have one idea that I'm working on. I'm not a big fan of just building some random stuff, but I want to solve real problems with software.

Hut is the most recent idea I worked on. I wanted to build a simple macOS application for creating mock web services. My target audience was frontend web developers. I wanted to provide a simple way to stub out HTTP services in your JavaScript code, so you can make real requests against fake service. This means that both backend and frontend teams can work independently upon agreed service protocol.

Layerstore was probably the coolest thing I built at my spare time. It took me about 6 months to build entire platform from nothing. Seeing uptrend in microservices and Docker, I figured that there should be a marketplace for selling software packaged in docker images. So I built that. Unfortunately, I decided to kill the idea after Docker released the Docker Store. The Docker Store is exactly what I envisioned, but with already existing user base and brand recognition. There's no need to try and fight the losing fight.

It is a bit disappointing that Layerstore had to be shut down, but I really enjoyed the process, it was a good learning experience and it confirmed that my intuition is worth something. One thing that I regret from all these side projects is that I haven't captured anything while I was in the process of building them. I only produced one blog post on Layerstore architecture after I shut it down, but there could have been so much more.

My boy Gary Vaynerchuk says that the easiest way to produce content is by documenting, not creating.

I have a new idea on my mind. I codenamed it Bluebook. I think that there's something broken about how we test software systems. Microservices as much as I love and hate them, are already creating new challenges around testing systems as a whole. I want to build a platform for managing and running system and integration tests that are more easy to maintain and understand than some custom continuous delivery pipeline composed of scripts. This time I will try to document how software is created and evolves over time. As with any side gigs, my time is limited to mostly weekends and I'll try to do my best to stay consistent with releasing updates every couple weeks.

Stay tuned.

Hey there! I'm working on a new goal management software. Check out Simple OKR — The easiest way to manage OKRs.

Simple OKR

I'm working on a new web app for managing goals with objectives and key results. Check it out it's awesome.

Simple OKR — The easiest way to manage OKRs

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